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About our Organisation
Who we are
Octaq Technology Ltd is an innovative and forward-thinking organization with an established history of exceeding customer requirements.
Octaq Technology Ltd web-based applications are designed to help businesses around the globe ensure the highest standards of efficiency, quality and innovation for their products, services and processes by streamlining and integrating all organizational levels and operations.

These applications will enable organizations to address an ever-increasing variety and number of international standards, laws and regulations that affect business operations by delivering enhanced compliance capabilities based on industry-specific best practices.

The need for compliance is driven by far more than just the threat of potential fines and penalties from regulatory agencies and customers. Companies want compliance in their business in order to address the needs specific to their industry sector.
Octaq Technology Ltd solutions address a growing range of compliance issues that affect business operations by delivering regulation-specific functionalities based on industry best practices.
Octaq Technology Ltd Solutions comply with the main international regulations for quality, environment, health and safety, auto industry (including suppliers and subcontractors), food and drugs, technology and others.

Octaq Technology Ltd corporate governance and success lies in the skill and experience of the company board and its key corporate management. This team is responsible for making final decisions in the best interests of the company on matters such as international presence, competitive position, technological direction, ethics and good relationship with customers.
Octaq Technology Ltd Management is based on the principles of social responsibility and the practice of company values, continuous improvement to Quality and the Environment by minimum use of natural resources, promotion of recycling through an internal program, as well as encouraging safety and occupational health practices.
Octaq Technology Ltd people are the main secret of the company's success.

When selecting professionals to join the team, Octaq Technology Ltd respects the diversities in culture and opinions.

The company offers satisfying rewards and a wide range of benefits.