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Accreditations and Security
Providing a quality field service platform that sustains long-term value and usability is our top priority. This commitment is demonstrated to our clients through the use of ISO 9001 accredited Quality Management System, and to our wider stakeholder network through the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We are working tirelessly to ensure we obtain these standards to show the recognition of our organizations dedication to global best practises.
Our ISO 9001 Accreditation Drive
Providing service companies with a quality software solution that sustains real long-term value, is our primary objective. In order to achieve this, OCTAQ implements a stringent quality management system which is ISO 9001 certified.
What is quality management systems?
The ISO 9001 quality management system (or QMS) is an internationally recognised standard, awarded to organisations that demonstrate a serious commitment to quality. The key objectives of this certification is to ensure organisations operate and continually improve their processes, to deliver the most value to their customers and stakeholders.
In order to achieve this standard, we continually review and refine our processes to ensure they meet the strict regulatory requirements. This would not be possible without maintaining a flexible approach that enables us to deliver continuous improvement where and whenever needed.
Importantly, we recognise this flexibility is a core component of our success. What’s more, we understand that this flexibility is required in many other business, especially in those that offer a service.
What this menas for you
Choosing a software provider that is ISO 9001 certified, means you have an internationally recognised quality product that will sustain its value in the long-term. This means you only need to buy once and your system will continue to evolve alongside you, enabling you to achieve your business objectives on time and in budget.
What this menas for your customers
If you provide a service, you need a reliable system that enables you to meet your customers’ needs better than any competitors. Our service management software continues to provide a single solution for improving workforce productivity, cutting costs and reducing wasted resources. As we continue to evolve our SaaS offering, you can continue to develop innovative ways to deliver outstanding customer service.
Our ISO 14001 accreditation Drive
As a SaaS provider, it’s not just the vast efficiency gains our intuitive software delivers, that makes us happy. We’re also proud of the huge impact our cloud based platform has on the environment by reducing the amount of paperwork used by thousands of service engineers and back office staff. But that’s not all…
For us, smarter business practices include incentives to work greener. We take our own environmental responsibilities very seriously and practice an environmental management system that is 14001 certified.
This accreditation demonstrates our fulfilment of compliance obligations and sets clear environmental objectives for sustainable processes followed by everyone in our organisation.
As long-term value adding partners, we believe is it of critical importance to contribute to a cleaner, greener environment that sustains business longevity