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Octaq Technology Ltd is committed to helping clients achieve successful implementation and deployment of the software solution for maximizing business benefits. As the technology and business partner, OCTAQ Technologies can help organizations mitigate risk, maximize ROI, and implement a solution on-time, on-budget, and within scope. To deliver on the commitment, OCTAQ Technologies has developed a framework of services that covers the entire lifecycle of a project-from solution planning and implementation through to business improvement. It provides a flexible range of services designed to help clients make the most of the investment. Regardless of where deployment, companies can choose the right level of engagement to suit the unique needs and business challenges.
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Guarantee the use of electronic technology instead of high cost, time consuming paper systems.
This is the objective of the validation services offered by OCTAQ Technologies.
As part of the methodology, OCTAQ Technologies provides confirmation by examination and provision of objective evidence that clients computer system specifications conform to user needs and intended uses, and that all requirements can be consistently fulfilled in a regulatory compliant manner.


OCTAQ Technologies provides a variety of educational opportunities to help clients become familiar with the software and improve the productivity. OCTAQ Technologies offers a rich variety of instructional materials and courses designed to help both users and administrators get the most from OCTAQ Technologies's products and services. Best practice guidelines taught by professionals with years of experience provide organizations with the knowledge necessary to implement and use OCTAQ Technologies applications throughout the company, thereby making every department more effective and efficient.


When your company is looking to access new business processes quickly and cost-effectively, application hosting can be the answer. With OCTAQ Technologies Application Hosting, clients can leverage the leading applications that can help reduce the time to market or boost user satisfaction without the usual upfront infrastructure costs - or the ongoing implementation and management headaches. When hand over the day-to-day technical management of the OCTAQ Technologies applications, clients gain the comprehensive application expertise and reliable e-business infrastructure that is designed to keep the mission-critical operations running smoothly and dependably.

Cloud Computing

With OCTAQ Technologies Excellence Suite Cloud Computing model, companies can complement and optimize the use of enterprise management systems with well-integrated excellence and compliance management applications. The Cloud Computing model also provides access to all of the OCTAQ Technologies Excellence Suite resources and components in a complete and integrated solution, regardless of the size of your business, area of operation or geographic location.


In addition to using OCTAQ Technologies software to automate internal processes, companies frequently deploy a variety of other third-party software applications. Examples may include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), and manufacturing execution systems (MES) applications. OCTAQ Technologies integrates nicely with many major software applications typically used by companies.


On-Demand Web-Based Courses – OCTAQ Technologies's on-demand web courses put clients in control: the courses are accessible online 24 hours a day, can be paused, restarted and replayed. When the users can't attend classroom training, on-demand web courses get up to speed quickly.