OCTAQ Training & Support: A helping hand
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Your dedicated support team
We have built our software to be easy and intuitive to use. We firmly believe that whilst it’s our software, it’s your business; no one will be able to react to small day-to-day queries faster, or more effectively than you. To ensure you can react quickly and continually improve we train a System Administrator within your organisation who owns the OCTAQ system. They are the ‘go to’ person within your company and the first line of support for the rest of your users.
They can combine a thorough knowledge of OCTAQ with your specific business needs to ensure you get the most out of the solution, quickly and cost efficiently. A System Administrator harnesses their knowledge and trains colleagues, collecting feedback to ensure OCTAQ continually delivers what the business needs.
This is all supported by the OCTAQ support team who liaise directly with the System Administrator to focus attention on further optimising your solution and working both strategically and tactically to develop the software as your needs grow and evolve.
Initial training
The OCTAQ system is intuitive and in our experience users have quickly got to grips with the software. We provide small group “train the trainer” sessions with your System Administrator(s), using your data and your configuration as a training base.
This training takes place in two steps. The first step is a 4-day training course – this will be segmented into two 2-day sessions with the break between them allowing System Administrators to familiarise themselves with the ‘day-to-day’ operations of OCTAQ. The latter two days will mainly cover the ‘behind-the-scenes’ elements that allow Administrators to create and configure workflows and settings for themselves.
Following the training there will be an assessment that will consist of 30 questions of which participants must score 75% to pass and be proficient at using OCTAQ.
Ongoing training
The second section of System Administration training comprises bi-monthly webinars and assessments.
These both update System Administrators on improvements from your free quarterly updates and help to refresh existing knowledge. All of the webinars are recorded and made available on our comprehensive Help Centre, so should your System Administrator be unable to listen to the live webinar, they will still be able to access the training.

Services Support Levels
Standard Support
Provides an essential, high quality remote technical support to your organization.
The Standard modality allows you to obtain assistance from Octaq Technology Ltd for suspected defects and product-specific, task-oriented questions regarding the installation of product updates.
This level of support is indicated for those organizations that use Octaq Technology Ltd applications in non-critical processes, restricted to a single department and a reduced number of users.
Gold Support
Provides both additional and specialized support on Octaq Technology Ltd products. Gold Support offerings focus on the vertical depth of support, and feature a personalized relationship with our technical experts and knowledge transfers.
Gold support is the best choice for those organizations that use Octaq Technology Ltd applications in processes with a medium degree of criticality and that run across several departments.
Platinum Support
In addition to the Gold level, this offers a priority remote service and the mobilization of professionals with different specialties. Additionally, new customer requirements detected during the continuous use of the application receive an advisory service and priority service in the evolutionary product roadmap. This level is recommended for companies that use Octaq Technology Ltd products in a corporate manner for critical processes that require high availability, reliability and operating efficiency.
Advanced Support
In addition to the Platinum level, this offers a remote service and solution (workaround). This contract provides for contract the maximum time for solution (workaround) the problem, based on their criticality. This level is recommended for companies that use Octaq Technology Ltd products in a corporate manner for critical processes requiring high availability, reliability and operating efficiency, where the infrastructure available for Octaq Technology Ltd products complies with the strict requirements foreseen by the manufacturer.